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Daily Devotional | God's Protection


Did you ever have a time in your life when you thought, Wow, I’m so glad that I didn’t succeed in doing what I wanted to do? Have you ever considered that maybe God was intervening in your plans? As God’s people stood trial before him, the Lord presented His “case against his people” giving evidence of His faithfulness (Mic. 6:2).

In verses 4–5, we are given a few specific examples of God’s protection that may need a bit of explanation. The Lord tells of the time when Balak, king of Mobam, hired Balaam, a prophet, to curse His people (Numbers 22). Of course, with God in control, Balaam could only give a blessing (Num. 22:12). Even the king’s promise of a huge reward fell on deaf ears (v. 19). God intervened again and again, through a talking donkey (vv. 28–30) and the appearance of a sword-bearing angel of the Lord (v. 31)! Finally, the prophet said to the angry king, “I could not do anything of my own accord, good or bad, to go beyond the command of the Lord— and I must say only what the Lord said” (Num. 24:13). God had protected His people!

Also mentioned in Micah 5, Shittim is where the Israelite men “began to indulge in sexual immorality” even worshiping foreign gods (Num. 25:1–2). Gilgal is where God’s people encamped before entering the promised land, with God drying up the Jordan River for them to cross. Clearly, God had been faithful to His people. He provided for them, protected them from outside threats, led them into the promised land, and disciplined them when necessary. He is always faithful and true.

>> Sometimes we don’t realize how God has been working in our lives until much later. Think about a time when you realize (now) that God directed your path. Or, ask someone else if they have a “God protected me” story. Read also: Numbers 22

Pray with Us

Lord, we rejoice as we recount the ways You have provided, protected, directed, and disciplined us throughout the time we have known You. No matter how repeatedly our faith falters, You continue to be faithful!

BY Russell L. Meek

Russell Meek teaches Old Testament and hermeneutics at Moody Theological Seminary. He is a columnist for Fathom magazine and writes widely for lay and academic audiences about all things Old Testament and its relationship to the Christian life. Russell, his wife, and their three sons live in north Idaho, where you’ll find them gardening, cooking, and exploring the wild.

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